Welcome to the Befuddled Loris! A blog where I (the loris in question), share my befuddlement, bemusement, and general starry-eyed-ness(?), over nature. Most days, just like the majestic slow loris, I can be found staring languidly off into space, dreaming of shiny beetles and misty jungles. Luckily working in the Entomology Department at the California Academy of Sciences, being surrounded by outrageously colorful, intricate, and awe-inspiring insects is an everyday reality. Sometimes I am so moved by a particular specimen that I simply must draw them. Finding tiny chaise lounges for them to pose on is probably the hardest part. But I am hoping to blog extensively about this process.

You would think that lack of expertise or thorough research would prevent me from also writing about conservation issues from time to time. But then you would be wrong.

I think that the desire to conserve nature can only come from first finding inspiration there, and so I hope the images and art I post on this blog will illuminate some of the most amazing yet often overlooked creatures on our planet.

Finally, some mammals, birds, or reptiles may also make it onto this blog. And at some point there could be some beetle-related poetry.

Enjoy the shininess!


I am:

Rachel Diaz-Bastin, artist/scientific illustrator, nature rambler, and entomology lover.  My favorite food is tortilla soup.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. “Sometimes I look at a beetle so shiny and colorful that I kind of want to punch it in the face…” <–Actually made me lol in real life.

    Your blog is awesome. Gorgeous pics and hilarious yet scientific explanations. Just randomly stumbled across it while googling "flower mantis." Count me a fan!

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