Inconceivable Weevil


I was googling weevils a few days back, a common pastime, and ran across a weevil so unbearably shiny, so outrageously colorful, that all I could do was yell “LIES!!!!!!” at my computer. It was just too amazing to be believed, so I investigated further, and as it turns out, the metallic weevil (Eurhynus festivus), is indeed a real creature from planet earth! I discovered that we actually had some pinned specimens here in our collection at the Academy, so naturally I had to image one:

I have seen some beautiful weevils in my day, but this little guy appears unique to me in that EVERY inch of it’s body is metallic, as if it were dipped in shiny liquid metal. This particular specimen is from Cuernevaca, Mexico, but they can be found throughout Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. Here’s a live shot!

This picture was actually taken in Florida, where Eurhinus festivus has been making documented appearances since 2002. It was likely introduced there through shipments of live plants or plant products, and probably as a result of global warming, this tropical species has been slowly expanding it’s range northward in the state. It is able to survive and reproduce there by feeding and reproducing on the possum grape vine (Cissus verticillata (L.)), as well as Fig plants. ¬†Adults feed on the outer layers of host plant stems and also within cavities created in the stems and the leaf petioles. Females oviposit in young parts of the stem by creating a cavity with their rostrum, and depositing a single egg within it.

I want one! I’d name him Woodrow.

A big thank you to Jose Bernardo for allowing me to use the above image and to Shaun Wright for allowing me to use the below image. Quite amazing! Shaun also has a great website that just happens to my new favorite website name ever: